If you want to stay ahead of your competitors and step up your social media marketing
game for 2020, keep reading to discover 5 of this year’s top social media marketing tips
for any business big or small.

These 7 action-focused tips are straightforward and simple to execute. They can make
a big difference in driving more traffic to your business’s website, facilitating the
development of stronger and longer-lasting relationships between you and your
customers, and increasing your profits by supercharging your social media marketing
strategies this year.

1. Use Hashtags Intentionally on Instagram

Hashtags help you organize and promote your social media posts. Adding the right
hashtags to your posts makes it easier for members of your target audience to find and
connect with your content. However, using hashtags on Instagram can be tricky. There
is a fine line between using hashtags on Instagram in a useful way and adding way too
many hashtags to every post to the point that they all become irrelevant.

Many businesses have stopped using hashtags on Instagram altogether because they
are worried about seeming desperate and turning away potential customers with bulky
hashtag-riddled captions. The reality is that including hashtags in your Instagram posts
can help expand your business’s reach on social media, but only if you use those
hashtags intentionally.

Avoid mindlessly adding the same 20 to 30 hashtags to the caption of each and every
one of your Instagram posts. Instead, limit your hashtag usage to between 5 and 10
hashtags that are relevant to your business and post and that are interesting and unique
enough to genuinely engage your viewers rather than drive them away.

2. Analyze Your Organic Traffic Data

A valuable social media marketing tip that applies to virtually all major social media
platforms is to analyze your organic traffic data and use it to inform your paid advertising

Analyzing your organic traffic data across all of the social media platforms that you use
to promote your business can help you determine where the majority of the organic
traffic to your business’s website originates and what is driving it.

Use your data analysis to allocate a larger percentage of your advertising budget toward
investing in more paid advertisements on social media platforms that show a pattern of
driving the most organic traffic to your business’s website. This data-driven strategy is
more lucrative in the long run than it is to evenly distribute your paid advertising budget
across all of the social media platforms you use for your business.

3. Spend Money on Social Media Ads (Facebook)

Facebook can be an effective platform for successful social media marketing, but it can
also be deceiving. Recent data shows that what you post on Facebook is likely reaching
far fewer people than you might think. In fact, if 10,000 people have ‘Liked’ your
business’s Facebook page, the number of those Facebook users who actually see your
Facebook posts on average is probably fewer than 200—that’s a very low organic reach
of less than 2%.

If you want to expand your business’s reach on Facebook to drive more traffic to your
business’s website and increase your profits, start spending more money on Facebook
advertising this year. Of course, that doesn’t mean you should mindlessly pour money
into Facebook advertising. Analyze your organic traffic data and use it to invest
intentionally in Facebook ads that will make the most positive impact on the organic
reach of your posts.

4. Set Your Sights on a Swipe-Up Link on Instagram

Setting number-based goals can be a very effective way to kick start and stay on track
with your social media marketing strategies. One number-based goal to set this year is
to reach 10,000 followers on your business’s Instagram account. Once you reach
10,000 followers on Instagram, you can start sharing swipe-up links on your stories. You
can attach a swipe-up link to anything you post on your Instagram story to give your
viewers the option to swipe up on their screen to connect to the website or web page
you linked.

Using swipe-up links on your Instagram stories is a super simple, fast, and convenient
social media marketing strategy that can help drive tons of traffic to your business’s
website. If you already have 10,000 followers on your business’s Instagram,
congratulations! Make sure to take advantage of that swipe-up link feature to drive more
traffic to your business’s website and increase your profits this year.

5. Social Media Tips to Keep Up with Customer Service

Providing high-quality customer service is a major component of successful social
media marketing. Your followers will feel more connected to your business and be more
willing to put their trust in it if they are able to engage with your business effectively via
social media.

This year, prioritize keeping up with customer service across all of the social media
platforms you use for your business. Respond to comments and reviews—whether they
are positive or negative—in a timely manner and make an effort to post intentionally in
ways that engage with your customers and encourage them to respond and interact
with the content you post.