Digital marketing is a crucial part of any modern business’s marketing efforts. The Internet has now surpassed all other sources as the most popular source that people use to find local businesses that offer products or services they need.

Digital forms of marketing are more common in some industries than in others and digital marketing continues to increase across virtually all industries as technology advances and people rely more heavily on their smartphones, laptops, and other Internet-connected devices for important information.

Currently, there is a major push toward digital marketing specifically in the auto industry. There are several reasons why investing in digital marketing can pay off majorly for car dealerships and

Why Car Dealers Should Consider Digital marketing Now

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other businesses involved in the auto industry. Keep reading to learn five reasons why car dealers go digital with their marketing strategies in order to stay afloat in a digital-focused world.

  1. Digital Marketing is More Profitable

The top reason why car dealers should invest a large portion of their marketing budget into digital marketing is that digital marketing is objectively more profitable for car dealerships than other forms of marketing.

Digital marketing is more profitable and less expensive than other, more traditional forms of marketing. It takes approximately $150 on average in digital marketing costs for a car dealership to successfully sell one car, whereas it takes more than $1,500 for a dealership to successfully sell a car through more traditional types of marketing.

On average, car dealerships that sell their cars primarily through digital marketing make more than $800 more per sale than dealerships that advertise primarily through traditional types of marketing.

  1. Online Reviews Are Important

Most car buyers complete more than two-thirds of their car-buying process online, and many drivers solidify their decision on which car dealership to buy from based on online research. Reading positive online reviews about your car dealership incentivizes potential customers to make their next vehicle purchase from your dealership.

Positive online reviews build potential buyers’ trust in your dealership. Drivers who are in the market for a new car are more likely to buy their next vehicle from your dealership if they see a plethora of positive reviews for your dealership online.

  1. Mobile Optimization is Key

It is important to optimize your car dealership’s website to be mobile-friendly. Recent statistics show that more than 60% of vehicle buyers use mobile devices to shop for vehicles online—even sometimes to check alternative prices and inventories when shopping in person at a car dealership’s lot.

Because so many car shoppers use mobile devices to shop online for vehicles, many drivers feel frustrated and click away when they come across a dealership that has a non-mobile-friendly website.

Optimizing your car dealership’s website to ensure that it is mobile-friendly helps you build trust among potential customers and prevents your dealership from losing out on customers who are annoyed by your non-mobile-friendly website.

  1. Personalized Messages Bring in Customers

Digital marketing campaigns allow you to reach more potential customers with more personalized messages than other forms of marketing allow. Drivers who are in the market for their next vehicle are especially susceptible to being swayed toward choosing your dealership to make their vehicle purchase by personalized messages.

Developing an email list and sending out personalized messages to drivers in the market for a new car based on those drivers’ specific interests and what they value in their next vehicle can heavily incentivize potential buyers to make their vehicle purchase from your car dealership.

  1. Social Media Affects Buyers’ Decisions

More than 35% of drivers who are in the market for their next vehicle rely at least partially on social media platforms to inform them on where to purchase their new car. Having a strong social media presence gets the word out about your car dealership, engages potential customers, and increases potential buyers’ trust in your dealership.

Facebook is an especially lucrative social media platform for car dealers. More than 80% of drivers who are currently in the market for a new car use Facebook and 25% of these drivers actively utilize Facebook as a trustworthy source for information about where and how to make their next vehicle purchase. Implementing a digital marketing campaign on Facebook can be an incredibly lucrative marketing tactic for car dealerships.

For more information on how car dealers go digital with their marketing strategies and boost overall sales, contact us today.

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