Even though it ranks among the most popular social media platforms in the world, Reddit is frequently overlooked in the ongoing discussion of the shifting landscape of social media in today’s world. Reddit is an online forum platform that is home to more than 130,000 subforums–which are known as subreddits–that are dedicated to virtually any and every topic under the sun. According to statistics from mid-2021, Reddit ranks among the most popular social media platforms and is one of the most-visited websites worldwide. These statistics show that more than 1.7 billion Internet users visited the Reddit website in June of 2021, and Reddit was home to almost 48 million active monthly users in the United States alone during the same month. An even more recent statistic from late February of 2022 demonstrated that more than 52 million people around the world actively use Reddit on a daily basis, although probably not for any Reddit visual editing tools or filters.

Reddit is by far one of the most unique and intriguing social media platforms that are currently in existence. It has captured the attention of celebrities and important figures ranging from business magnate and philanthropist Bill Gates to U.S. president Barack Obama to esteemed actor Morgan Freeman–all of whom have made their presence known on the platform and have engaged directly with other Reddit users. 

Reddit deserves more attention in the media than it receives, and it should not be underestimated–especially considering the new features it has added to keep up with the times in the world of social media. Keep reading to learn more about what multimedia Reddit posts look like as well as discover the potential of the new visual editing tools and additional expansion features that Reddit has just recently added for its millions of active users to enjoy. 

Multimedia Reddit Posts 

Reddit already allows multimedia posts. Reddit users are able to publish text-only posts, posts that include captioned images, and posts that include videos–or posts that include some combination of or all of the above. 

By allowing multimedia posts, Reddit expands the amount and range of content that its users can post on the Reddit website or mobile app–and plays into the current trend toward interest in short-form video content among many social media users worldwide.

New Reddit Visual Editing Tools 

Reddit has recently added a plethora of visual editing tools to their options for users–which have in turn made this social media platform more fun and more engaging for its many millions of users around the world. New Reddit visual editing tools include recording timers, new recording speed options for video content, landscape and portrait upload options for video content, new options for clipping video content, new filter and mark-up options for images and videos, and more. 

AR overlays are also currently in the testing phase at Reddit. Some Reddit users are already able to access preliminary versions of AR effects–including ‘Bread Cat’ and ‘Snoo’. These AR effects allow Reddit users to take pictures and record video clips of themselves or others with an overlay of a piece of bread with cat ears around their face or an overlay of Reddit’s famous unofficial alien mascot Snoo. These AR filters and more are expected to become a permanent worldwide feature of Reddit in the near future. 

Additional New Reddit Expansion Features 

In order to expand what it has to offer to the public in the increasingly competitive world of social media, Reddit has recently introduced a variety of brand-new features to its website and mobile app. 

These expansion features include audio rooms, the ability for users to live-stream content, community chat options, and much more–all of which have helped Reddit remain relevant within the current social media landscape.