More than three million businesses currently use Facebook as a part of their online marketing campaigns. Facebook is the number-one most popular social media platform—it has almost 3 billion users worldwide—so incorporating Facebook into your social media marketing campaign can do wonders for the reach of your small business. 

Facebook Insights is an analytic tool that is built into the Facebook social media platform for Facebook accounts that are set up as business Facebook pages. This tool allows you to view in-depth analytic information about your page and can be an extremely helpful resource for small business owners who want to learn more about the most effective ways they can use Facebook to increase the customer base of their small business. 

Facebook Insights offers you information about your own Facebook posts, the demographics of the users who are viewing and engaging with your posts, and even insight into how your business’s competitors are currently performing on the same social media platform.

Facebook Insights for Small Business

Facebook Insights for Small Business

Keep reading to learn more about how to use Facebook Insights to help attract more traffic to your business Facebook page, increase your conversion rate, and help your small business and your profits grow as quickly as possible. 

Learn to Find Facebook Insights 

Facebook Insights won’t be of any use to you if you have no idea where it is. Many small business owners who run business Facebook pages are unaware that Facebook Insights even exists—let alone how to use it in the right ways to drive more traffic to their page, gain more customers, and earn higher profits. 

Fortunately, finding Facebook Insights is very simple. First, click to your business Facebook page and find the menu that runs along the top of the page. Click the option that is labeled “Insights” on that menu, and you’ll find a wide variety of options that allow you to access different metrics for your business page.

Take Advantage of the Overview Page 

All of the different metrics that Facebook Insights offers can provide very helpful information, but they can also be very overwhelming. Small business owners who are new to Facebook Insights can start out and get a taste of the platform by taking advantage of the Overview page. 

Overview is conveniently the first page you see when you click on Facebook Insights from your business Facebook page. It is a page that shows you a summary—complete with simple line graphs as helpful visuals—of everything from the actions you’ve taken on your page to the number of views and likes your page has gotten to how many followers you have gained or lost over a certain period of time. 

You can also choose from a dropdown menu of options at the top of the Overview page in order to view summaries from the current day, over the past week, etc. The Overview page is a great place to check out how your business Facebook page is performing without spending too much time or effort delving more deeply into the specifics of its performance. 

Look at Your Most Recent 5 Posts 

One of the options you can select from the Facebook Insights dropdown menu allows you to view the most recent 5 posts you have posted on your business Facebook page and how they have performed. 

This ‘5 Most Recent Posts’ page shows you a brief snapshot of your 5 most recent posts and gives you basic information such as the date on which each post was published, the type of post it was, the audience is targeted, its reach, and its engagement levels. This allows you to see how your most recent posts are performing and how engaging they are to your followers, which can help you make changes in the right direction to your posts in the future. 

Facebook Insights is a platform that is chock-full of useful information about your business Facebook page, your posts, and their performance. While it might not be incredibly intuitive, Facebook Insights is definitely worth learning your way around because the tools it offers can play a major role in boosting your customer base and profits once you get the hang of how to use them.

For more information on how you can take advantage of Facebook Insights, contact us today.

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