LinkedIn is the largest professional networking platform in the world. This social media platform is designed specifically for professional use, and it has more than 722 million active users around the globe. LinkedIn allows users to create profiles for themselves that include their resumes and then search for jobs and/or make professional connections with other users in their field. It is also a great platform for businesses to post about open positions and seek out users who might be good matches for those positions. Soon, it’s expected that all businesses on the platform will be able to use Linkedin Stories Ads.

The Launch of LinkedIn Stories 

‘Stories’ are a very common feature on many social media platforms, and they have become even more widespread across various social media platforms within the last couple of years. From Snapchat to Facebook to Instagram, the vast majority of the most popular social media platforms allow users to share Stories with their friends or followers. Unlike posts, Stories include content that disappears from a users’ page or profile after a certain amount of time—usually 24 hours.

linkedin ads in stories

linkedin ads in stories

For businesses specifically, Stories features offer unique opportunities for brands to increase their presence on social media by allowing them to post more casual daily content that is engaging for their followers. LinkedIn launched its own Stories feature in the United States in September of 2020 after gradually testing it out in several countries throughout 2020. 

Since LinkedIn is designed for professional use, their Stories feature allows individual users and businesses to share pictures and video clips of their everyday professional lives. The launch of LinkedIn Stories has helped more users connect with one another and form more personal and meaningful professional relationships. 

The Addition of LinkedIn Stories Ads 

LinkedIn is generally viewed by businesses as a place to post job listings, find new employees, and connect and collaborate with other businesses within their field. Most brands do not invest much in social media marketing campaigns on LinkedIn, primarily because LinkedIn has historically not offered very many opportunities for them to do so. That being said, the addition of LinkedIn Stories Ads might shift how brands view using LinkedIn as an opportunity to grow their own client base. 

In December of 2020, LinkedIn made an official announcement regarding their plans to launch an initial test run of LinkedIn Stories Ads. The launch of Stories Ads on LinkedIn came a mere three months after LinkedIn rolled out their Stories feature worldwide. 

These Ads allows brands to advertise their products using anything from a brief single-image ad to a longer multimedia ad that includes pictures, short video clips, etc. It also gives brands the option to target a specific audience with their advertisements, so that they are not wasting money on investing in audiences that are unlikely to include many users who are interested in their products or services. 

It is important to note that—at this point in time—not just any brand can advertise on LinkedIn Stories. Only a very limited number of brands who are part of a closed beta group that includes members from around the globe are currently able to utilize the opportunity to advertise via LinkedIn Stories. 

Right now, there are only about 600 brands that have been able to launch social media marketing campaigns on LinkedIn by advertising via stories. LinkedIn has reported that these brands have experienced incredible success in terms of engagement and profit increases as a result of posting ads on LinkedIn Stories. That being said, LinkedIn has yet to release specific performance metrics for their Stories Ads feature. 

Although LinkedIn Stories Ads are not yet widely available for brands, LinkedIn is expected to launch their Stories Ads feature worldwide in 2021 so that any brand is able to utilize this new unique function of the LinkedIn platform. If you are part of a business or brand that is hoping to expand its reach on social media in 2021, LinkedIn Stories Ads is definitely something to watch. Brands who are especially interested in the potential of this feature might even consider setting aside some of their social media marketing funds for the upcoming year to dedicate to LinkedIn Stories Ads if and when this feature becomes more broadly available for brands around the world.

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