Google Discovery campaigns are advertisements that show up in Google’s feeds on YouTube, the Google app–when the “Discover” feature is turned on–and Gmail. This advertising tool from Google first came out in 2019 and has been gaining ground among businesses of all sizes ever since then. Google Discovery is a unique advertising tool that specializes in targeting the ideal audience for your personal ad campaign and SEM efforts. 

Although it has been available for more than two years, Google Discovery is still considered to be fairly new as an advertising tool. This means that–at this point in time–it poses less competition for advertisers than many other advertising tools, which could help the advertisements you publish reach a wider audience more easily. If you are interested in starting a Google Discovery campaign for your business, keep reading to learn more about this advertising product from Google and how to ensure the most success with it for your business with this simple guide to Google Discovery ad campaigns. 

Relevant, Meaningful, Targeted Ads 

The multiple Google feeds where Discovery ads appear to have the potential to reach up to three billion customers who scroll through these feeds on a regular basis. Google Discovery incorporates machine learning to specifically target consumers who are likely to take action to purchase products or services from your business right away.

Smartphone on wooden table showing an advertisement

This advertising tool targets people who have searched for specific keywords on YouTube, Gmail, or when using the Discovery feature on Google. This targeting allows your ad to be seen by potential customers who have recently searched for keywords that are relevant to the products or services your business offers. Google Discovery also layers targeting options–which include, affinity, in-market, life event, and demographic targeting. This allows for further personalization of the ads that are a part of your Google Discovery campaign. 

The highly-targeted nature of the audience that is shown in your Google Discovery ads helps ensure that your Discovery ad campaign reaches the potential customers you want it to reach. It also increases the likelihood that the ads in your Discovery campaign will be more relevant and meaningful to the potential customers who see those ads on one of their Google feeds, which in turn may motivate more consumers to engage with your ads and choose to make a purchase from your business.

Easy-to-Use Design 

Google Discovery ads make it easy to reach a well-targeted audience with just a single ad campaign. Like most Google advertising products, Google Discovery advertising has a very intuitive design that is extremely easy to use. 

You can build your ad campaign through Google Discovery ads using simple, well-formatted tools. You will start off by choosing a marketing objective, bid, and budget for your ad campaign. Google Discovery ads make the ad campaign creation process even simpler for advertisers by automating multiple settings of your ad campaign, such as bidding and targeting. You can then choose between one of two formats–single-image or multi-image–for your Google Discovery ads. Once you have selected a format for your Discovery ads, you’ll need to enter headlines, descriptions, your business name, and at least one image per ad. Try to design your ads with a creative format that is similar to how you would format a post or an ad for Instagram or another social media network. These creative ads tend to be more engaging for Google Discovery audiences than more traditional ads. 

There are a few important things to remember when creating your Google Discovery campaigns that could help your campaign have more success. First off, formatting your ad banner using a 4:5 aspect ratio helps optimize the appearance of your ads when they show up to potential customers on a Google feed and makes potential customers more likely to engage with your ads. Do not add much overlay text on the images in your Google Discovery ads, as doing so can disrupt the formatting of your ad. Also, make sure to set up conversion tracking before utilizing your Discovery campaigns because all of the Discovery bid strategies use data from conversion tracking.

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