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Are you looking for a way to:
• Generate THREE TIMES as many leads as traditional marketing? • Cut your marketing costs in half? • Market via a method over half of online purchases are inspired by?
Then you need to jump into Content Marketing with Think Creative!

What is “Content” and Content Marketing?

Have you ever watched a YouTube review about the new iPhone? Have you seen an image of your friend’s favorite ice cream shop on Instagram? Have you read an article about the hot new truck in town? All of that is CONTENT.

Content is anything that provides information or entertainment first and foremost. The most popular examples in the marketing world are: 

  • Blogs
    • Ever gone to a restaurant’s website and read a blog about their new menu? You just engaged in content marketing!
    • Blog posts can contain valuable information such personal stories, as well as answer questions your customers may have. 
    • By informing, entertaining and engaging with your customers, you build a connection between your brand and buyers that can be worth more than a hundred ads.
    • News Posts
      • Maybe that car dealership down the street shared a story about their new repair shop? That’s content marketing! 
      • By letting your customers know what is going on, without shoving a sale in their face, you’re starting a conversation.
      • Conversations create that personal connection consumers crave.
    • Newsletters
      • We’ve all received newsletters in our email inboxes (sometimes without even asking!) When you open that email up and read it, you take part in content marketing! 
      • Just like news posts, newsletters let people in on the conversation. A consumer that feels connected is a consumer that feels like shopping! 
    • Social Media Posts
      • That fun behind-the-scenes shot of your local ice cream shop making their tasty treats? Content marketing at work! 
      • Social media posts are an incredible way to promote your product without the customer even knowing it. 
    • Videos and Photos
      • The classic example of marketing as a whole is also the core of content marketing!
      • As today’s consumers gravitate more and more towards these visual formats, building these connections is more important than ever before. 
      • This isn’t about posting advertisements though! That video you watched saying “come on down and pick up a pair of tacos for just $2” is an advertisement. The video that you watched showing how the taco is made and how it looks so mouth-watering delicious that you decide to go buy one for lunch? That’s content!

Promoting Your Business Organically

Content marketing and creation is about selling your product or services not through ads themselves, but through the people and stories those products inspire. At Think Creative, content is king. We follow two key principles in our content creation:

Give people something of VALUE. Inform or entertain them. We never simply push a product on the consumer. We provide something they will CARE about.
The product is promoted by SHOWING the value and why it is worth buying, not by just TELLING you that it is worth buying.
Our content is about building a connection between your brand and the consumer. If they value your knowledge or find you entertaining, they’ll be drawn to your product organically. Content marketing shouldn’t be about forcing a product into the consumer’s face. In fact, sometimes the product may not be mentioned until the very end, if at all. As long as we’ve built that bridge between consumer and business, your sales are sure to soar!

Aiding in Search Engine Optimization

Content marketing doesn’t just sell your product, it also helps with your website’s search engine optimization immensely.

At Think Creative, we provide up-to-date, frequent content updates to your website. Content such as our custom-created blogs are posted several times per month to keep your website fresh and engaging.

That sends a message to Google and other search engines that “hey, there’s something new worth checking out.” When they see you’re providing valuable content, your numbers will go up! It also helps fill your website with valuable keyword connections and links that will boost your score even more.

30724 Benton Road, Suite C302,
Winchester, CA 92596
Phone: Sales: (951) 894-1015
Email: [email protected]

30724 Benton Road, Suite C302,
Winchester, CA 92596
Phone: Sales: (951) 894-1015
Email: [email protected]

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