If you haven’t heard of the Clubhouse app, you’re not alone. This elusive social networking app launched almost a year ago in April of 2020 and has more than 6 million active users, but few people seem to even know the app exists. Clubhouse has been kept largely on the down-low until recently when billionaire tech mogul Elon Musk—the founder and CEO of both SpaceX and Tesla, Inc.—entered the Clubhouse app and streamed his own live audio to a room of 5,000 people, which is the maximum number of people who can be in one user’s Clubhouse room at the same time. Elon Musk’s appearance on the social networking app has drastically increased the publicity surrounding Clubhouse and has skyrocketed its number of users. Here’s what you need to know about the Clubhouse app including:

  • What is Clubhouse
  • Why You Can’t Find it

What is Clubhouse?

Clubhouse is a social media networking app that works quite a bit differently than any other social networking platform that currently exists. It is an audio-based app that allows users to create ‘rooms’, which other Clubhouse users are able to join. While you are hosting a Clubhouse room, users in that room can listen to whatever you’re saying in real-time via a live audio stream.

When you join Clubhouse, you are prompted to select several topics—such as books or marketing—that are of particular interest to you. Your topic selections allow the Clubhouse app to suggest conversation rooms for you to join that might fit your interests.

What is the Clubhouse App and Why Can't You Find It?

What is the Clubhouse App and Why Can’t You Find It?

Many high-profile users use Clubhouse to host rooms of thousands of people—the cap is 5,000 listeners in one room at one time—while they talk about their lives, upcoming projects, etc., while others use it simply to listen or talk to their friends or other random users of this unique social networking platform.

Multiple people can share their live audio stream in a single room, so some Clubhouse rooms feature two or more users talking and many other users listening in on their conversations. Clubhouse rooms can be set up as private or public.

Unlike most other social media platforms, Clubhouse does not allow users to share pictures or videos with other users—nor does it include common social media features such as likes, favorites, friends, or followers. However, every Clubhouse user is permitted to upload their own profile picture—which shows up publicly to other users of this social networking app.

Can Anyone Use Clubhouse?

Currently, Clubhouse is an invite-only social networking platform. This means that—in order to access the features of the app—you must be invited to join Clubhouse by an existing Clubhouse user.

The invite-only nature of Clubhouse makes this social networking app seem like a very exclusive and elitist app, but that is not necessarily the case. Anyone can join and use Clubhouse, as long as they have received an invitation from an existing Clubhouse user.

The main reason why Clubhouse is currently set up to be invite-only is that it is still in its beta testing phase. During an app’s beta testing phase, it is not uncommon for that app to only be able to be joined by a limited number of users who receive special invitations to sign up to use the app. This is usually because the given app’s developers want to start out with a small number of users and increase that number over time as they work out any kinks and glitches that may arise.

While many of Clubhouse’s users are famous or high-profile individuals—including Elon Musk and Kanye West—many of this social media networking app’s 6 million users are average individuals. So how can an average individual get an invite to join Clubhouse?

Established Clubhouse users receive allotments of invitations that they are able to send to any individual of their choice. When they first join Clubhouse, each user is allotted only two invitations—but they are able to earn more invitations to send out over time.

Why You Can’t Find the Clubhouse App

Clubhouse is also currently only available on iOS, which means that you can only download it from the Apple App Store and use it on iPhones and other mobile Apple devices. The app is optimized specifically for iPhones. However, Clubhouse app developers are in the process of optimizing the social networking app for Android devices and adding it for purchase from the Google Play Store as well—so Android users can look forward to enjoying Clubhouse at some point in the near future.